Friday, 2 September

This year’s conference provides again two days (see the Thursday schedule) of exciting talks organized in two parallel tracks.



Track 1 – FOLIUM

09:30, FOLIUM (1st Floor)

Refactoring CSS Without Losing Your Mind

Working with CSS is tricky enough as it is; working with legacy CSS can be nightmarish. In this talk, we’ll look at how we decide what to refactor and when; how we can refactor code whilst still shipping features; how to avoid regressions when adding new CSS; how we can avoid the dreaded refactoring tunnels; running new and legacy code in tandem; and a bunch of other neat little tips and tricks.

Video of this talk

Harry Roberts

Presented by Harry Roberts, Consultant Front-end Architect


09:30, PAPIERSAAL (2nd Floor)

What the hell is UX Strategy?!

User experience (UX) strategy lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy. This talk delves into this crucial practice, which relies on empirical, lightweight tactics for pushing cross-functional teams toward a unique digital solution that customers want. It will start with a primer covering topics such as competitor analysis, validated user research, value innovation, and why you must design a “killer” user experience. Then several UX strategy techniques will be explained that you can use for crafting consumer products that potentially make magic happen and destroy outdated mental models.

You will learn:
• Why a unique kick-ass user experience aligned with the right business model can define a “disruptive” product.

• How UX strategy techniques help the entire team and the stakeholders reach a shared product vision for greater efficiency.

• How by doing everything you can to validate your UX strategy, you reduce the risk of making products that nobody wants.

Video of this talk

Portrait of Jaime Levy

Presented by Jaime Levy, Author, college professor and User Experience consultant

10:30, FOLIUM (1st Floor)

Promises Are So Passé

Promises saved us from callback hell, but they’ve left us with extra ceremony and fractured function scopes. We can do better though, with generators & the new async/await syntax in ES2016. Let’s see where async goes next, why it matters, and what you need to do to put it into practice today.

Video of this talk

Tim Perry

Presented by Tim Perry, Tech Lead & Open-Source Champion

10:30, PAPIERSAAL (2nd Floor)

UX Design of VR and Interactive Environments

The overall focus of the talk will be how to approach the UX design aspect of virtual reality apps and environments. Mark will first conceptually cover VR design, describe how content is produced, and what it means for UX design patterns and requirements. This will include 360 video, animation, world design in game engines such as Unity 3D, and hologram production with depth cameras. The goal with this talk is to prepare UX designers for the transition to VR app/experience design. Although the focus will be on VR, the knowledge will also be valuable for augmented reality and connected device app development.

Video of this talk


Presented by Mark Melnykowycz, Artist, Engineer


Lunch break


Lightning Talks

  • Triality – An alternate user interface for trial artists by Michael Fretz
  • Lists, Lists Everywhere! – Or Things to Keep in Mind When Designing A List Entry by Fabienne Gafner
  • The UI i’ve built to impress my little daughter by Markus Knecht
  • Dynamic A/B Testing with AB/CD by Memi Beltrame
  • Bricks, Captain Future & Rap – Ingrediens for Successful Design by Daniel Demel

Videos of this Talks


Lightning Talks

  • Web Speech API. How to give your browser personality. by Markus Fiebig
  • SVGMaster – Come coding faster, obey the SVG master! by Pierluigi Pesenti
  • Why riot.js has revolutionized my working life by Gianluca Guarini
  • Why you should be building your next app with React Native! by Livio Bieri
  • Sophie or how NZZ Storytelling tries to solve the styleguide/component library problem by Beni Buess

Video of this Talks

13:00, FOLIUM (1st Floor)

Terrible Ideas in Git

Adapted from his class “The Screaming Horrors of Git,” Corey takes us on a magical tour through the (mis)use of Git to do things its creators never intended. In this humorously delivered exploration of one of the open source community’s more ubiquitous tools, Corey demonstrates that a finely crafted wrench makes a barely acceptable hammer if you hold it wrong.

Video of this talk

Corey Quinn

Presented by Corey Quinn, Director of DevOps

13:00, PAPIERSAAL (2nd Floor)

Putting the T in Team

As the web development landscape rapidly changes, good communication and collaboration between multiple job functions is key to not just a project’s success, but to a successful career as a front end developer. In this talk, we’ll discuss why it is important to grow yourself into a “T-shaped” developer – someone with deep knowledge in front end development, who can collaborate across multiple other disciplines. You’ll leave knowing how to incorporate essential empathy and communication skills into your daily work life, leveling up your career, and the career of those around you.

Video of this talk

Katie Sylor-Miller

Presented by Katie Sylor-Miller, Senior Software Engineer


Coffee break

14:30, FOLIUM (1st Floor)

Fast. Simple. Accessible

Semantic markup helps ensure accessibility while reducing the need for frameworks. When you write semantic HTML and leverage the power of CSS Selectors and the cascade, you can reduce your CSS and JS by up to 95% and obliterate your queue of accessibility bugs. While learning new frameworks is fun, and relying on libraries can seemingly reduce development time, allowing 3rd party scripts to generate your markup usually adds bloat while ignoring or even destroying accessibility.

We’ll take a look at a case study, and how converting a single page app developed with 40+ dependencies (don’t ask!) and 100+ accessibility bugs in the queue to simple semantic HTML and CSS, with a few hundred lines of JavaScript reduced the site size by 90%, obliterated all the accessibility bugs and simplified site maintenance and new feature development. By developing with web standards, you can create accessible, performant web sites.

Video of this talk

Estelle Weyl

Presented by Estelle Weyl, Open Web Evangelist

14:30, PAPIERSAAL (2nd Floor)

Designing a Design System

Product Design for web and mobile is evolving at a fast pace. As the range of devices and platforms continues to expand, so do the various design considerations. Design systems help a design team build a framework that meets their needs by bringing together all of the critical design components – including style guides, pattern and UI libraries, CSS frameworks and other resources.

In this session, Jina, a Lead Designer on the Design Systems team at Salesforce UX, will share:

– Strategies for how to approach, design and build an effective design system
– How to successfully maintain the system to ensure ongoing usefulness
– Elements that design systems need to be sustainable that are critical for success

Video of this talk

Portrait of Jina Bolton

Presented by Jina Bolton, Lead Designer, Design Systems

15:30, FOLIUM (1st Floor)

Infinite Possibilities (Closing Keynote)

Navigating choices in our career paths can be challenging. What if we had guidelines to help us make decisions that expand options rather than restrict them? Learn how choosing creativity, shifting to a growth mindset, finding your flow, and being a maker puts you on the path of having infinite possibilities in your career. This creates a clear path to a future where you can not only be awesome, but also do meaningful work.

Slides of this talk

Video of this talk

Portrait of Denise Jacobs

Presented by Denise Jacobs, Speaker + Author + Creativity Evangelist



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